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The furry convention, Furlandia, in Portland, OR, will start this Friday. An original art piece, in accordance with the con's theme: 1929: The Age of Prosperity, will be published in their official conbook (convention book given to all attendees at the door) as well as a furry poem "Only hound dogs up in Harlem" inspired by Harlem Renaissance poetry! I sadly won't be there but what wonderful exposure for my art and writing! So excited! And now, to do much needed updates to this portfolio. Stay tune.
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A comic I entered in a humor-on-writing contest was shortlisted with 6 others out of 80 entries! So happy. Will be seeking a press to publish the 5-page piece.
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There's a huge comics and toys store known as Tate's in Lauderhill, Broward County here in South Florida, where I live. Since I live in Miami-Dade County, it's pretty much a good distance from me, but, it's well worth it. I have a comic book store in walking distance from my house, but Tate's is considered the promised land: it is family owned, a gift from the father to the son when he graduated from high school. Tate's has grown into such a phenomenon that it won a once-in-a-lifetime-only award: The Eisner, given to outstanding comic book shops that go above and beyond the call of duty. Folks travel from around the world to Tate's. It even sells Japanese otaku (obsessed fan) goods such as models, toys, bags, posters and the entire front of the store sells Japanese snacks and sodas! The son's wife started an art show and exhibition on the second floor several years ago. I've been meaning to enter these, but always had an excuse, both legit and poor. Now that I've finished graduate school, am older and more experienced, I no longer have excuses NOT to enter the shows. So, for the first time since junior college, I entered artwork into a gallery. I'll keep you posted on my Twitter account. Other big art-related news, I'll post here.
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Time is ticking by. By this June, God willing, I will have my Master's. Can't wait.
There are many more projects I had to place on the back burner because of grad school. Even when I finish, I still have my novel to complete. Right now, it's my thesis. I'm just doing enough to meet the deadlines, along with all the feedback and constructive criticism that I have to take into account.
Until then, I will still be checking into Deviant Art and uploading finished work I did before most of the grad work craziness. I also plan to continue to work at my college, but with the upgrade of the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree I can bring to the table. I will also be using my degree to jump-start a lot of creative opportunities I didn't feel confident enough to undertake. Now with age, experience, and this degree, I am ready and very much working on those ideas! 
I will still be here, uploading more artwork and to use this forum to strengthen my skills, remain inspired, provoke my sense of wonder and become a part of this awesome community! 
Take care, everybody!
Am in my third term of graduate school. So many things and such little time! In a few days, have another packet due, but in the meantime, made some of my e-cards and some artwork into prints for purchase. Still plugging away with both school work, blogs and personal writing projects. Will be back here maybe in...December? Oy, my life!
Will be uploading again, but working on my novel and other projects. Keep on keeping on. That's it.
Okay, here's the deal. I'm away at residency and had to use my winter break to prepare for it. When I return, my new work schedule will be starting though my college will be in its third week of the new semester. Once I'm back home AND settled, I will be posting again. My comic draft and other projects must still be done!
Until then, please be patient.
Still doing grad work. Just turned in my last annotated paper for the year, but, still have two items more to turn in next week! Now the Miami Book Fair is coming up! I'm VERY irritated I can't get to settle down. Also, still scripting my comic which will continue as the story's not over yet. I will be back. I promise.
So, this week, I tried to go through my art shelf and desk to find and work on projects that I left alone far too long. Now, I've paid the price! I mislaid some of these items and can't find them! WHAAAAH! Ok. I'm calm. Just going to work on some other things on the agenda. Including overdue stuff that I CAN WORK ON. Finally, finally, FINALLY redrew and colored my protagonist for my feline fantasy short story series: Tabber the Red. Oh, and I selected for it to be made into a print. There are so many things -including my official website, that I updated again- with his name on it. I am striving to work on more of the stories since they're short and I can explore the world more. That's it for now.
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...Now that I got that off my chest, let me ramble about a few things: I completed another packet for my graduate studies, I'm training for an event at work that will take place next week, AND the projects I have to complete and upload haven't stopped! *Whew*
Now to get started on some more obligations. That's what I get for being a procrastinator! I had to discipline myself into working on many things just so I don't slack off on ONE. Does that sound crazy? Oh well. Let me continue...
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I'm not sure what to do with some of these projects once I'm finished with them. In the meantime, I'm trying to find another gig outside my job. Oh well. On with the show. Oh shoot, and I forgot I owed someone something. I better get crackin'!
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12 years ago, I drafted the current comic. I used BluePro Comic Pages [Standard industry size]. I used the same pen nibs I use for calligraphy, and the same Chinese ink. I even used a pencil wash for shading. I did about 14 pages (about 4 I think were incomplete) through a 6-month period.

I struggled through the beginning, forced a middle, and then, rushed the ending. Characters even ending up with the wrong people!

I knew I had to try again. Going through a lot of personal and professional issues, I barely went back to graphic storytelling, preferring to stay safe with prose, which I felt had justified me. But now, I'm not writing as many short ficton as before.

And a novel idea (which began in 6th grade) that has gone through countless incarnations, had finally hit its groove once I removed certain ideas that had actually stunted the story's growth.
In a fit of madness (or, inspiration), from March 2010 until early this year, I burned through journals like a madwoman, finally completing 12 journals and over 1400 something pages of this historical gangster epic. Now, I'm in third draft phase, and now that I'm in school again, I'm using the novel as my grad project, I realized to return to my first love: drawing.
I've done other visual media, but, I feel as if I'm wasting potential if I don't at least try again at comics.
It's one of the more challenging artforms I admire highly, as one would study the many Masters and Mistresses in classic art.
I'm learning an important lesson, one that crosses genres - let the story, let the characters have at it, and be the author by just enjoying the ride.
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It's so weird that as I got tired of one project and moved on to another, I realized something else wasn't being done. Yet, the comic draft has not only fulfilled a longtime itch, but its storytelling has been enriched by the years of short fiction, essays and articles written. I'm now inking a ninth page.
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So much work! Login to mom's account to edit a new shopping cart code for her online blog store. She also had new inventory I took pictures and uploaded. Then, on to the comic. I actually used up a set of my Staedtler(R) pigment liner pens. Good thing I had another set, but since I forgot how long I've had them, and didn't want them going dry on me, I went to Michael's and bought a replacement (as well as a few other items sorely needed) and actually winced when the cashier racked up the price. Why oh why must art supplies be so expensive, and yet, we artists often make so little money?
Or, at least, I can get back to blogging. My writer's blog has been sorely neglected. I'm sure my readers have left or traveled to other blogs. :( Time to get back to since the second homework packet is completed and submitted.
Oh, and I inked the sixth page and penciled a seventh of that comic story.
Some of these ideas are so old, if I was sitting on them, they would've hatched! I just hope one of these projects pays off!
Comic story is coming along nicely. At least, I've finished 5 pages (inked) and completed a 6th page (still in pencil). This is the most input I've done for a comic in years! Still, I am glad I'm feeling up to this though the shoulder was killing me over the weekend. I think the AC at work got to it. Have to remember to wear my hoodie when in the lab! Also, the second packet homework is coming along well. I get to re-read the graphic novel "Maus" for my annotation paper! Sweet! I LOVE graduate work!  I'm in my second week on the job and the schedule's set, so stay tune for more updates. Thanks.
Just decided to check my Artbistro account so I could save whatever and then close it. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Members were yelling about what happened to their artwork, why were the portfolios and forums shut down without member permission, or even a message from the ArtBistro management! It was terrible! I immediately shut down my account. All those other artists that lost work. My G*d, it's terrible. If anyone has an account with, I suggest you cut and run. And make sure you had copies of EVERYTHING you uploaded to the account.
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Decided to finally buckle down and work on several comic ideas that were stewing. After several arduous attempts, I scrapped the projects.
"Summer to Winter" will be tweaked with the help of Adobe PhotoShop and/or Illustrator, whichever one works out best. I also have another comic software that I am still getting the hang of. For now, don't worry about the text. I will remove my handwriting and replace with software font.
"Summer to Winter" began with the idea that the teacher one has a crush on may become the love of one's life in adulthood. Since I have another week off (that's part-time for you!), I will be drafting and crafting this as I go along. I will upload the drafts, refine it digitally, only to upload again with shading, screen-tone, and clear text intact.
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The new school term starts this week. I already have pages to my next packet  due this September for grad study. More art to upload and help mom's online store. Yep, a lot to do! Especially this week!
I'm very excited about this year. There have been a lot changes in my life (job-wise and personally). I have been blessed with good friends and wonderful family members that have always supported me in my 'endeavors'. I've learned over the years (I'm in my late 30s) that other creative friends have not been so lucky. These friends explained to me that parents have deterred them from pursuing their art. Friends that may or may not have been grudgeful, discouraged them, etc.
I have physically seen the results of some of the disastrous decisions and consequences later on, and for that, I feel sad. But it also fills me with hope that I can encourage others as I am encouraged, and grow from the experiences. I am still an introvert, but an introvert with more confidence than years ago. I am grateful and will do the best I can in whatever I must do and what I need to do.